Watch a Demo: JupiterOne for Identity and Access Management

Visualize user access and permissions, centralize governance of accounts and identities, and simplify compliance and audits

Discover and prioritize IAM risks across all of your cyber assets with JupiterOne

With JupiterOne your team can:

  • De-risk IAM processes with added clarity into access and permissions
  • Gain identity assurance by understanding end-to-end activities of users and the use of elevated access rights
  • Complete access reviews and control over permissions to critical resources
  • Create security policies, rules, and alerts to help you continuously monitor, detect, and remediate unknown or unsanctioned privileges across critical assets

Watch this demo to learn more.

“JupiterOne brings all of our cloud assets, their configurations, and vulnerabilities into one platform and the team can prioritize issues and understand the impact quickly across all of our assets.”


George Vauter — Staff Security Engineer, Auth0