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Tell us a few details to see how JupiterOne centralizes your security operations to achieve continuous compliance.

Gain Visibility and Drastically Reduce Your Exposure to Risk

Centralizing your security operations into a single location allows security teams to manage vulnerabilities and track down risks across their entire digital environment more efficiently by eliminating the need to go into each interface. 

Watch our 2-minute recorded demo video to learn more.

What's covered in the demo recording:

  • The JupiterOne architecture
  • Adding resources via managed integrations
  • Reviewing all your digital resources in a searchable and filterable table
  • Using JupiterOne's full-text search
  • Visualizing data on the graph
  • Tracking alerting trends and changes over time 

The relationships between dev, security, and operations are the relationships we need to track and understand, including current state, historical state over time, and future state.


Tyler Shields — CMO, JupiterOne