The path to security maturity begins with knowing your assets

The digital age forced an evolution of the term "asset." Physical assets still exist, but cloud and digital transformation added complexity that extends beyond the traditional asset model. Download this ebook to learn how to modernize asset management with the "cyber asset."

What exactly is an asset?

Michael Jordan. A laptop. Your GitHub repo. All three are assets, but not in the same way.

  • Michael Jordan was an amazing asset for the Chicago Bulls, in that he provided tremendous value to the franchise.
  • A laptop is a physical asset in the traditional IT asset management view.
  • Your GitHub repo is a cyber asset in the digital universe.

Cloud and digital transformation has fundamentally transformed the definition of an asset. Businesses must evolve how they track, monitor, and govern the new “cyber asset” universe.

Download the ebook to understand the term "cyber asset" and how to make sense of the complexity that comes with digital transformation.