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Security Conversations: Board Presentations, Metrics, and Visibility in Modern Security

From his role advising various public and private boards, Enrique Salem, Partner at Bain Capital, has listened to his fair share of CISO discussions in the boardroom. Tune in to his conversation with JupiterOne CEO Erkang Zheng to get a rundown of common board-level topics and metrics discussed, as well as the tenets of true visibility for security in the modern world.

Enrique Salem

Enrique Salem
Bain Capital

Erkang Zheng

Erkang Zheng

No matter the size of a company, board presentations for the CISO are no joke. From his role advising various public and private boards, Enrique Salem, Partner at Bain Capital, has listened to his fair share of CISO discussions. In this conversation with JupiterOne CEO Erkang Zheng, this duo will discuss:

  • The boardroom - common topics of discussion and hallmarks of successful CISO board presentations
  • Connecting the day-to-day security practice to board-level metrics
  • Tenets of true visibility in the modern world of security
  • Instrumenting security into everything we do for a reimagined, holistic security program




Enrique Salem

Enrique joined Bain Capital Ventures in 2014, where he focuses on infrastructure software and services with a specialization in cybersecurity. Enrique was previously the president and CEO of Symantec (Nasdaq: SYMC) and brings more than 27 years of executive experience in technology and security to Bain Capital Ventures. Through his 19 years at the global leader for security, backup, and availability solutions, Salem also served as the executive vice president of worldwide sales and marketing and president of consumer products. Before Symantec, he was president and CEO of Brightmail, the leading anti-spam software company acquired by Symantec in 2004.

In March 2011, Enrique was appointed to President Barack Obama’s Management Advisory Board. He currently serves on the boards of several portfolio companies, including DocuSign, and serves independently on the boards of FireEye, Atlassian, and ForeScout.

Enrique was named 2004 Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young, and 2007 Corporate Executive of the Year by Hispanic Net.

When he isn’t focused on the technology industry, Enrique enjoys the outdoors and spending time with his two kids. You can often find him on skis or a bike.

Enrique received a Bachelor of Arts in computer science from Dartmouth College.


Erkang ZhangErkang Zheng

I envision a world where decisions are made on facts, not fear; teams are fulfilled, not frustrated; breaches are improbable, not inevitable. Security is a basic right. I am a cybersecurity practitioner and founder with 20+ years across IAM, pen testing, IR, data, app, and cloud security. An engineer by trade, entrepreneur at heart, I am passionate about technology and solving real-world challenges. Former CISO, security leader at IBM and Fidelity Investments. I hold five patents and multiple industry certifications. I am building a cloud-native software platform at JupiterOne to deliver knowledge, transparency and confidence to every digital operation in every organization, large or small.

The relationships between dev, security, and operations are the relationships we need to track and understand, including current state, historical state over time, and future state.


Tyler Shields — CMO, JupiterOne