Reinventing Cybersecurity

In this collection of stories, 19 cybersecurity experts offer a unique look at cybersecurity that addresses the technical, interpersonal, and strategic aspects of their work.

Rethinking the Craft and Career Paths in Cybersecurity

In this collection of stories from cybersecurity leaders, some authors capture the wonder of the next generation and connect across business departments in refreshing ways while others share how they chart unconventional paths for breaking into and advancing their career in cybersecurity.

Whether you’re new to the security industry or a long time veteran, these stories are sure to inspire as they reveal the new age of building career pipelines and developing the craft of cybersecurity.

Read stories from the following authors:

  • Alison Gianotto - Creator of Snipe-IT
  • Amy Devers - Chief of Staff, Executive Director, People Operations at JupiterOne
  • Angela Marafino - Customer Product Manager at Microsoft
  • Aubrey Stearn - CTO
  • Breanne Boland - Product Security Engineer at Gusto
  • Carla Sun - Security Engineer at Gusto
  • Carlota Sage - vCISO at Fractional CISO
  • Coleen Shane - Senior Network Security Engineer
  • Jasmine Henry - Field Security Director at JupiterOne
  • Joyous Huggins - Founder of Defender Academy
  • Latha Maripuri - CISO at Uber
  • Lisa Hall - CISO at Color
  • Lonye Ford - CEO at ARLO Solutions
  • Dr. Meg Layton - Security Architecture and Engineering at Children's National Hospital
  • Rachel Harpley - Talent Advisor - InfoSec, IT Security and Cybersecurity
  • Rin Oliver - Software Engineer at US Bank
  • Tracy Bannon - Senior Principal/ Software Architect & DevOps Advisor at MITRE
  • Yvie Djieya - Cybersecurity Assurance and Risk Analyst at JupiterOne