Modern Cybersecurity: Tales from the Near-Distant Future

This collection of stories from experienced security leaders and practitioners details the major business problems they experienced when implementing cybersecurity - and how they overcame them.

The best lessons come from experience.

Every story in this book was written by a practitioner who tested the theories they are presenting, crashed and burned in their application of those theories, and came out the other side with a vision on what the near-future of cybersecurity will look like.

Read these stories for:

  • Roadmaps you can use to move your cybersecurity program forward
  • Guidance to improve the development of security strategy and teams
  • Steps you can follow to connect security outcomes with business objectives

The digital version of the book is free for you to download. You can also purchase a copy of this book through Amazon.

Chapters and Authors

  • Security for Modern Cyber Assets - Sounil Yu (JupiterOne)
  • How You Know Your Organization is Ready to Adopt a Security Practice - Yolonda Smith (sweetgreen)
  • The Future of Security Cloud Native - Caroline Wong (Cobalt.io
  • Reinventing the Workforce - Sushila Nair (NTT DATA Services)
  • Hardening the Value Stream - Bryan Finster (DoD USAF)
  • Metrics that Matter: The Business Context of Cyber Risk Management - Keyaan Williams (Cyber Leadership Forum)
  • It’s Not What You Know; It’s What You Do - Jennifer Czaplewski (Target)