Security Hygiene and Posture Management Survey, 2021

This 30 page research report details key cybersecurity coverage gaps and how organizations plan to improve their security posture. Download using the form below.

ESG Research Report: 40% of organizations perform attack surface management because their attack surface is expanding.

Enterprise Strategy Group surveyed 400 cybersecurity professionals to compile their insights into cyber asset management, tooling and budgeting, emerging threats, and more.

Compiled into this 30 page report, their findings provide key insights on how organizations are approaching their cybersecurity hygiene and posture management, their coverage gaps, and how they plan to improve their security posture.

Download the report for data driven insights into:

  • Emerging attack surface areas and security threats
  • Key challenges in cyber asset management
  • Planned areas and budget for security hygiene and posture management
  • Action items to improve your overall security hygiene

This study of 398 IT and Cybersecurity professionals responsible for vulnerability management, asset management, attack surface management, and more, sought to understand security gaps and highlight actions to improve security posture.


Enterprise Strategy Group — Security Posture and Hygiene Management Report, 2021