Security Leaders Debate: Does Security Awareness Training Work?

In the security leaders debate series, attendees have the opportunity to voice their opinion, ask the debaters their own questions, and then see how the discussion influenced the audience in real-time.

Juliet Okafor

Juliet Okafor
CEO and Founder

Sounil Yu

Sounil Yu
CISO and Head of Research

The security awareness training market is expected to be worth over $10 billion annually by 2027. Does all of this spending translate into reduced risk, or does it represent an over-reliance on end users?

For the motion: Sounil Yu

Sounil Yu is the CISO and Head of Research at JupiterOne. Previously, he was CISO-in-Residence at YL Ventures and Chief Security Scientist at Bank of America. He created the Cyber Defense Matrix and the DIE Triad.

Sounil will argue security awareness training does work, and that empowering people is the best approach to lasting security behavior changes and breach prevention.

Against the motion: Juliet Okafor

Juliet Okafor, JD, is a cybersecurity professional who has combined her knowledge of the legal system and cybersecurity solution models into success stories across Fortune 500 industries throughout the USA.

Juliet believes security awareness training does not work, and that security leaders should avoid reliance on end-users as a line of defense.

Moderated by Sarah Hartland

Sarah is the Director of Demand Generation at JupiterOne. She has been a content creator and curator since 2012, with experience in the media, adtech, and cybersecurity industries. Sarah is passionate about making technical concepts accessible for all and holds a national parliamentary debate championship title.