Continuous observability as a subset of DevSecOps is going towards realtime awareness of interconnected environments with the capacity for realtime response.


Jasmine Henry – Director of Cybersecurity,


The relationships between dev, security, and operations are the relationships we need to track and understand, including current state, historical state over time, and future state.


Tyler Shields – CMO, JupiterOne


What exactly is an asset?

Michael Jordan. A laptop. Your GiHub repo. All three are assets, but not in the same way.

  • Michael Jordan was an amazing asset for the Chicago Bulls, in that he provided tremendous value to the franchise.
  • A laptop is a physical asset in the traditional IT asset management view.
  • Your GitHub repo is a cyber asset in the digital universe.

Cloud and digital transformation has fundamentally transformed the definition of an asset. Businesses must evolve how they track, monitor, and govern the new “cyber asset” universe.

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