Boardroom Conversations on Security

Enrique Salem, Partner at Bain Capital and JupiterOne CEO Erkang Zheng discuss best practices to approaching cybersecurity at board meetings based on years of experience on both sides of the conversation. In this eBook, we highlight seven key takeaways from that discussion you can use to improve your relationship with your board.

The relationship between the Board and the CEO or security executive is a mutually beneficial one, not adversarial.

Our desire in presenting this discussion is to help you think about how to talk to your board and gain value from their experience, creating a true partnership through conversations that bring meaning and value to your company.

The "Boardroom Conversations on Security" eBook is broken into seven topics, exploring the various aspects of their relationship, including:

  • Board expectations when it comes to security
  • The language of the board is not the language of the technician
  • The dynamic between the Board and the CISO
  • Presenting measurements and metrics
  • Understanding that compliance does not equal security
  • Perception that security and controls are an impediment to getting worked done
  • Moving from security as restrictions, towards a modern hybrid model