3 Steps for Continuous Improvement in Cloud Security

Wouldn't auto-discovery of all cyber assets make your life easier? Download the whitepaper to learn what steps are critical to continuously improving your cloud security posture.

Level Up Your Cloud Security with 3 Simple Steps

Do you know what's in your cloud environment today? 

The truth: Most people don't know what's in their environment.

Securing our increasingly complex cloud environments is not easy. Cloud security breaches are commonplace today, with most breaches resulting from errors involving cloud misconfigurations or user access issues. Cloud providers are responsible for securing the infrastructure cloud stack. However, users are responsible for configuring the cloud and securing applications and data.

Here’s the problem: critical data is collected through various tools but they're often segmented most companies have no visibility into the cyber assets within their digital environments, and more importantly, how those assets connect and interact with each other.

Download the "3 Steps for Continuous Improvement in Cloud Security" whitepaper and learn more about: 

  • Why 100% visibility into your entire cloud environment is the first step to better cloud security
  • Why understanding relationships across your entire cyber asset ecosystem is crucial to a CSPM strategy
  • How to achieve continuous security and policy as code through automation


The relationships between dev, security, and operations are the relationships we must track and understand. Current state, historical state over time, and future state of asset relationships drive your business.


Erkang Zheng — CEO, JupiterOne