JupiterOne Smart Search

Powerful ways to search and gain insight from your asset graph with JupiterOne

JupiterOne Smart Search enables you to query any of your resources, environments, and all of your cyber asset relationship data. 

JupiterOne created Smart Search to enable your teams to discover, understand, and act on your asset relationships with our graph-based and data-driven approach.

Learn more about JupiterOne's approach to powerful search functionality into your cyber asset universe, including:

  • How JupiterOne Smart Search helps your teams gain visibility and understand the "what" of your cyber asset universe and its relationships

  • Smart Search enables teams to quickly prioritize and take immediate or automated action on vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, or risks 

  • Ways to achieve Smart Search (e.g. Full text search and natural language questions, JupiterOne Query Language (J1QL), and Visual Query Builder)

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