Aver Gets Streamlined, Reliable Threat Modeling

Proactively assessing an organization’s vulnerability to threats typically requires piles of spreadsheets, dozens of hours pouring over cloud security groups and assembling snapshots of the entire environment. Learn how Aver was able to streamline and centralize analysis with JupiterOne.

"There is little appetite for errors when it comes to this sort of analysis."

J1_Cover_CaseStudy_Aver_1-100The steps and time required for capturing detailed metadata of your environment, mapping the relationships between resources and ensuring you are using the most up to date data are just some of the reasons assessing your attack surface takes significant time and effort and leaves potential gaps in confidence. Download the case study to see how Aver used JupiterOne to:

  • improve data hygiene
  • centralized analysis
  • gather reliable takeaways
  • streamline reporting

A tool like JupiterOne is critical to completing a robust threat analysis.