JupiterOne and AWS

Take command of your cyber assets, wherever you're at and wherever you're headed. Download the Cloud Security Posture Management datasheet.


Streamline your AWS Security Operations with JupiterOne


Discover, monitor, understand, and act on the most critical security needs and cyber assets across your entire AWS environment.


JupiterOne connects directly to AWS APIs to obtain infrastructure metadata and analyze resource relationships. We empower teams to simplify, centralize, and maintain your security operations from a single location.


What can you do with JupiterOne?

  • Create visual graph-based diagrams of application platform service components deployed in your AWS account 
  • Dynamically visualize IAM policy permissions with JupiterOne's Smart Search and Galaxy View features
  • Analyze network and security group rules to identify external facing resources 
  • Identify cross-account trusts via IAM assume role
  • Track untagged or unclassified resources
  • Detect leaked secrets in CloudFormation parameters and/or outputs 
  • Discover S3 bucket access 
  • Consolidate and correlate Inspector and GuardDuty findings 
  • View history versions and changes of any resource for forensic analysis